Une nouvelle ère pour faire valoir le dynamisme économique et le bonheur de vivre à Saint-Nazaire, faire rayonner le territoire à l'échelle nationale et internationale et ainsi faire savoir que l'avenir est à Saint-Nazaire.
Accompagner la création d’entre-prises, valoriser les filières stratégiques (aéronautique, navale, énergies, logistique), valoriser les infrastructures résidentielles, les parcs d’activités et les projets urbains structurants.
Enfin, favoriser la formation et l’emploi.
Valoriser l’attractivité de l’offre commerciale et la vitalité de l’offre culturelle et loisirs de l’espace urbain.
Favoriser et valoriser les filières émergentes (numérique, nautisme, plaisance, silver économie), la recherche et l’éclosion de start-ups. Offrir à travers les Audacity Awards de la visibilité et un soutien.
Faire venir sur le territoire de nouveaux publics qualifiés (businessmen, investisseurs, touristes, actifs, étudiants, congressistes…) en valorisant les atouts de la destination.
Proposer à l’ensemble des acteurs économiques de la veille et de l’intelligence économique et territoriale.

Theme for 2011 : Innovation

Every year, Audacity Saint-Nazaire selects a theme to offer its network of ambassadors and local actors new projects and ideas.
Its aim is to: identify the "holes in the fabric", to suggest ideas to fill them and then implement them with competent actors, often by enhancing the existing system and by expanding the offer on other occasions.

Innovation is a lever to strengthen competitiveness, which is why this theme was chosen for 2011. The objective was to encourage and facilitate innovative projects.

Objective 1: get rid of preconceived ideas

Innovating means:

  • Creating a product or service based on a new technology
  • Incorporating a new feature into an existing product or service
  • Developing a new usage on an existing product or service
  • Improving your process, technique, organisation, distribution, etc.

Objective 2: convince of the benefits of innovating

  • strengthen competitiveness
  • stand out to your customers
  • confirm your position
  • increase your market share
  • increase the quality of your offer
  • improve your profitability

Day to day, innovating means first and foremost a state of mind that requires you to listen to your environment (employees, customers, suppliers, markets, etc.), to make a commitment and adopt a rigorous approach.

To achieve these objectives, and starting from the observation that there are already many mechanisms and support systems for innovation approaches (but which lack visibility), the working group, piloted by Stéphane Klein (R&D manager at STX Europe) has started by creating tools to promote the existing system:

  •  a guide designed to help companies and ensure that local support is known at each stage in the innovation approach. Download the Innovation Guide here.
  •  a programme of workshops run by experts and key companies

And after...

2011 provided the ideal springboard for innovation actors to make them aware of innovation and get them working together. They are continuing their plans through the working group around subjects such as innovation in retail trade, renewable marine energies and so on.

Audacity Jeunes Entreprises

With the desire to instil a culture of innovation in young businesses, the Centre d'Initiatives Locales (Local Initiatives Centre), in partnership with the CARENE, has also signed up to the theme by creating the Audacity Jeunes Entreprises et Innovation Prize. This is a prize which was awarded to three innovative young companies: TABISSO, JARDICOMPOST and AKAJOULE.



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