Une nouvelle ère pour faire valoir le dynamisme économique et le bonheur de vivre à Saint-Nazaire, faire rayonner le territoire à l'échelle nationale et internationale et ainsi faire savoir que l'avenir est à Saint-Nazaire.
Accompagner la création d’entre-prises, valoriser les filières stratégiques (aéronautique, navale, énergies, logistique), valoriser les infrastructures résidentielles, les parcs d’activités et les projets urbains structurants.
Enfin, favoriser la formation et l’emploi.
Valoriser l’attractivité de l’offre commerciale et la vitalité de l’offre culturelle et loisirs de l’espace urbain.
Favoriser et valoriser les filières émergentes (numérique, nautisme, plaisance, silver économie), la recherche et l’éclosion de start-ups. Offrir à travers les Audacity Awards de la visibilité et un soutien.
Faire venir sur le territoire de nouveaux publics qualifiés (businessmen, investisseurs, touristes, actifs, étudiants, congressistes…) en valorisant les atouts de la destination.
Proposer à l’ensemble des acteurs économiques de la veille et de l’intelligence économique et territoriale.


Audacious, an adjective which perfectly describes Saint-Nazaire and its actors.

Local actors have been able to stand on their own two feet and develop by reinventing themselves and by daring to experiment with new methods and ways of thinking:

  • The shipbuilding industry gave rise the aeronautics industry and RME (renewable marine energies)
  • An industrial landscape gave rise an original cultural and tourism centre (Ville-Port project and submarine base)
  • The estuary has seen the development of a Nantes Saint-Nazaire urban area with over 800 000 residents and a contemporary art festival every two years (ESTUAIRE 2007-2009-2012) and so on

To enable local actors to go even further, the Saint-Nazaire region is striving to develop with its partners the mechanisms that correspond to their expectations: click here to find out more about these mechanisms.

A few examples of innovative projects:
- The Institut de Recherches Technologiques Jules Verne (Jules Verne Technological Research Institute): The IRT Jules Verne was launched officially on 5th March 2012. It seeks to create in the Nantes Saint-Nazaire urban area a huge research, innovation and training campus combining businesses and training establishments around advanced production technologies in the area of composite, metal and hybrid materials, in 4 key industrial sectors: aeronautics, shipbuilding, land transport and energy.
The IRT will be made up of 6 platforms, with 3 in Saint-Nazaire: the virtual reality centre, the workshop of the future and the wharf platform.

- RME (Renewable Marine Energies) sector: The French government has just published its decision and has awarded the EDF-Alstom group the Saint-Nazaire site to set up an offshore wind turbine park (from the 3 sites attributed). At the end of the tender process, EDF EN and ALSTOM may set up their future offshore wind turbine production plants (50 000 sqm).
For the Saint-Nazaire region, the development of this new sector will provide 500 direct jobs in the short term, 200 in research and development, followed by 2500 direct and indirect jobs in the long term.
Investment (property and equipment) will reach nearly 200 million Euro.


The innovative businesses

The innovative businesses, winners of the Audacity Jeunes Entreprises et Innovation 2011 prizes:

  • "Service innovation" category: AKAJOULE, created in March 2010 by Guillaume ACCARION, is a consulting and engineering company that works in the field of energy control and renewable energy usage: methanisation, biomass, solar power, heat recovery, etc. www.akajoule.com


  • "Product innovation" category: TABISSO is a design company that produces luxury contemporary furniture "made in France", based around typefaces (armchairs in the shape of letters of the alphabet and figures, punctuation mark-shaped accessories). Sébastien MAITRE and Caroline RICHARD created their company in 2011. www.tabisso.f
  • "Social and society innovation" category: JardiCompost is a local business which was created by Antony Barillé, a specialist in compost and a waste management advisor. JardiCompost respects social and solidarity economy values and works to enable citizens to take charge of waste processing by developing and accompanying local solutions


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